Mobile bike maintenance & repair services.


We maintain and repair bikes throughout South, West, East & Central Birmingham, with a convenient mobile or pick up and drop off service.

Anything from sorting out a gear Gremlin to a major service !

We can also assemble bikes for you if you buy them in a box.

We've been servicing bikes for years with many very satisfied customers. That includes commuting bikes, mountain bikes and high specification racing bikes.

Quite often our customers in Birmingham report that their bikes are better than they were when new, after we've serviced them. That's because we take more care than many bike shops in setting up your bike properly, especially the gears. We'll cycle your bike up and down on the road to make sure !

We don't rush, but we charge reasonable prices, so there's every chance you can get an old bike back into working order, without having a hefty bill. We don't like the idea of scrapping bikes, but if its not worthwhile, we'll tell you the truth !

Which areas of Birmingham do we cover ?

Our services mainly cover Birmingham to the South, East and West as those areas can be reached quite easily from Bournville, keeping travel costs down. Typically the cost to customers of the mobile service within a few miles is £10-£15.

We can of course travel further and in some cases the extra cost may be worthwhile if you don't have a bike shop nearby. If your time is valuable, booking your bike into a shop, taking it in and then picking it up can be a nuisance, to say the least.

Bournville, Selly Oak, Kings Norton
We service quite a few bikes regularly in these areas, often used by people commuting into the city or the Queen Elizabeth (University) Hospital, along the canal towpath. If you commute regularly, we advise getting your bike serviced at least every 6 months, as the wear and tear can be pretty bad !
Edgbaston, Harborne, Quinton
We've found quite a lot of people using bikes to commute from these areas, in particular Harborne and Edgbaston give easy access into Birmingham centre, although you need to know your way around to avoid the busy roads. One of the main problems with commuting is that the bikes often get lifted into offices or stored with other bikes, leading to the gears getting accidentally knocked. So if your gears start to click suddenly, its probably because of a knock. The good news is they are easily readjusted.
Kings Heath, Moseley, Selly Park
These areas give quite easy access to the Rea Valley cycle route into Birmingham centre if you're commuting. While the cycle route is smooth and clean, frequent commuting on roads will wear bike components such as chains and brake pads, as a result of grit from the road. We'd advise pre and post-winter checks.
Longbridge, Rubery
With these areas being close to the Lickey Hills, we find there are quite a lot of mountain bikes that need regular servicing, especially those that are used regularly off-road. The main repairs are usually to gears and chains, where stones or twigs have got into the mechanism and messed up the gearing adjustment or damaged the chain.